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Danny Rae Design - Artwork on Ply

Danny Rae Design - Artwork on Ply

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Danny Rae carefully hand moulds coloured polymer clay in a unique way to create her art pieces. Once her artwork has come to life, it is baked in the oven, cooled, and then it is adhered to a wooden board.

This piece was created in support of Melissa Boardman and her campaign to vote for the Tītipounamu in the 2020 Bird of the Year competition. “Tītipounamu Kawakawa" was inspired using a reference photo taken by Tawhai Moss. 

While male Tītipounamu are a brilliant green colour, female Tītipounamu have a dappled brown plumage and because she will feed mostly up and down tree trunks, her brown plumage helps her camouflage into her surroundings (ref. Melissa Boardman).


Materials: Polymer clay on square plywood

Size: 200 mm square, 50 mm wide

Purchase for pickup only, this artwork is unable to be shipped. 


This item is also available for purchase in store at Zealandia.

All proceeds go towards Zealandia's conservation mission.

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