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General Admission Gift Voucher

General Admission Gift Voucher

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Zealandia Te Māra a Tāne is about the most biodiversity-rich square mile of mainland New Zealand in terms of the species living wild here. Over forty different species of native birds have been recorded in our sanctuary valley, twenty-four of them endemic (found in no other country). Dozens of reptile species, hundreds of plant species and thousands of kinds of invertebrates have made Zealandia their home. Many of the animals and plants you will see at Zealandia are highly endangered, and some are practically extinct in areas not protected by managed like ours.

Vouchers will be emailed to the purchaser and can be printed for redemption at the Visitors Centre desk. There is plenty of space to explore at Zealandia, so pre-booking for general admission is not required – just turn up to the Visitor Centre and present the voucher at your leisure!

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