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Kuki Reka Kani Cookie Cutters - Koru Set of 3

Kuki Reka Kani Cookie Cutters - Koru Set of 3

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Bring one-of-a-kind Māori designs into your kitchen and make uniquely shaped cookies with these Kuki Reka Kani (loosely translated as cookie cutters) designed by Waikato Kaumātua.

The Koru set includes Koru (spiral), Hei Matau (Fish Hook) and Pikorua (double twist) shaped cookie cutters. Each set also includes a booklet giving more detail about each cutter design plus a selection of delicious recipes to get you started. The cutters each have a chunky handle making them easy for all hands to grip and move around, whether they be little hands or arthritic ones... so everyone can have fun in the kitchen together!

Kuki Reka refers to the delicious cookies that are made with these cutters. Reka means delicious in Māori and for the purposes of our products Reka also stands for: Rauawaawa Enterprise for Kaumātua Aspirations. We are proud that our products are New Zealand made and that they have been named and lovingly inspired by Kaumātua at Rauawaawa. 

Koru (spiral)

Koru translates to "loop" or "coil" in Te Reo and is a spiral shaped based on the new unfurling silver fern frond and therefore symbolises new life, growth and new beginnings.

The circular shape represents the idea of eternal movements as the inner coil of the koru suggest returning to the point of origin.

The Māori proverb that speaks of rebirth and growth says: 

"Ka Hinga atu he tete-kura - ka hara-mai he tete-kura."

"As one fern frood dies - one is born to take its place"

Hei Matau (fish hook)

Māori legend is embodied in the design, with the belief that the North Island of Aotearoa was once a large fish pulled from the ocean floor by Māui with a fish hook made from his grandmother's jaw bone. 

Māori legend says that the shape of Hawkes Bay is that of Hei Matau, which caught in the side of the fish, Te Ika a Maui, the North Island. 

The Hei Matau symbolises a strong connection to the ocean and also to Tangaroa, God of the Sea. It is a taonga (cultural treasure) and represents not only the land but also fertility, prosperity and safe travels over water. 

Pikorua (double twist)

The pikorua, twist, symbolises the path of life in Māori as it takes many twists and turns but carries on despite everything. It is believed to be based on the weaving of the kete (basket). It shows the joining of two people for eternity, representing how they may come together and move away from each other on their own journey in life, however their love, loyalty and friendship will last forever.


  • Food grade polypropylene
  • Aluminium dowel insert in the handle making it strong and durable
  • Designed and manufactured in Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • Wash before use


This product is also available to purchase in store at Zealandia.

All proceeds support Zealandia's 500 conservation mission.

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