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Adult Facemask

Adult Facemask

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Adult Facemasks handmade in New Zealand by Munch

Key features

  • 3 layer mask
  • Open sourced design by a doctor
  • 100% reusable and washable
  • 100% made in New Zealand (excluding the filter)
  • Fun unique organic patterns
  • 3 layer filter system
  • Attachable surgical ties to fit the face well. You can remove these ties if you do not wish to use them.
  • NZ made flat nose wire so can be molded close to the face (great bonus if you wear glasses)
  • Our mask is not intended to replace surgical face masks and it is not PPE certified - the filters are tested but as a whole three layer mask it has not been tested.

These masks come in a random assortment of patterns and colours. The mask sent out to you will be a selection based on availablity.


Filter system

Each mask comes with a free filter to be used once.


    Adult large (approx)

    Mask =18.5cm (nose to chin), 37cm (back of ear to back of ear)

    Adult medium (approx)

    Mask =  16cm (nose to chin), 34cm (back of ear to back of ear)

    Ear to ear measurement includes the elastic measure.

    The above sizes are approximate as it may change due to fabric and the different home sewers we work with. If you are finding that it is to big, we suggest you tie knots in the elastic to bring the mask closer to your face.  Also if you use the attachable ties that will bring your mask closer to your face too.  


    Care instructions

    Please hand wash your mask. If you are going to machine wash your mask make sure you put it in a laundry bag to protect the attachable surgical ties.  Also don't forget to wash your mask in a hot wash before using them as there will be some shrinkage.


    This product is also available for purchase instore at Zealandia's gift shop.

    All proceeds support Zealandia's 500 year conservation mission.

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