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Wooden Stoat Tunnel With BT 200 Trap

Wooden Stoat Tunnel With BT 200 Trap

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Stoats are a serious threat to our native animals. They prey on native birds, lizards and invertebrates and can kill domestic fowl. The more people trap for them, the closer we will be to a predator-free New Zealand.

Traps for small mammals are more effective when they are inside a tunnel. The pest animal enters the tunnel through a small entrance at one end and crosses a trigger plate to reach the bait. Their weight on the trigger plate releases the spring-loaded trap which kills them. The traps need to be cleared and reset each time they capture a pest.

These tunnel traps have a BT 200 trap inside a wooden tunnel. The tunnel has a 265mm gap between entry hole and internal baffle with smaller entry holes to target stoats and weasels and avoid trapping larger untargeted animals.

The most effective bait is fresh bait like meat and eggs. However, avoid meat and fish if domestic cats are present - use eggs instead, or, add a small tunnel or small block of wood inside the entrance so a cat can’t reach the trap with its paws.


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