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The Kiwi - Endangered New Zealand Icon

The Kiwi - Endangered New Zealand Icon

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It can’t fly; has nostrils at the end of its long beak; cat-like whiskers; the body temperature of a mammal; sharp claws and strong legs to defend itself; lays an egg six times larger than that of a chicken; is ground-dwelling; lives in a burrow; can swim; and is nocturnal. The kiwi is one of the avian world’s most unusual creatures. Most New Zealanders have never seen a kiwi in the wild. Yet, this endangered bird is a national icon, proudly displayed emblem and the nickname by which New Zealanders are known around the world.

The Kiwi: Endangered New Zealand Icon, by Matt Elliott, is about our historical fascination with this unique beloved bird and the extraordinary efforts being made to save it from extinction.


Pages: 143

ISBN: 9780995110458


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