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Kākā Hand Puppet With Sound

Kākā Hand Puppet With Sound

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This gorgeous Kākā Hand Puppet features the actual recorded sound of this native bird, and can stand on its own.  The puppet looks fabulous with his outstretched wings, which you can maneuver with your hand inside the body.

The Kākā puppet stands approximately 31cm (12 1/4") tall.  Press the inner left wing to hear its sound.

Use the Kākā puppet to teach your children or the kids at school about this amazing but rarely seen native bird. Once extinct on the mainland of New Zealand, you can now see lots of them in Wellington due to the work done by Zealandia to create a safe environment for native species. So when Antics were looking to make a series of Kākā soft toys, they asked Zealandia for help to get the shape and colours just right.

Kākā are large, forest-dwelling parrots, known for their raucous calls.  They are olive-brown in colour, with a grey-white crown, red-orange underwing, and deep crimson belly.  Loss of habitat and introduced species has meant their numbers in mainland NZ forests have declined.  However they are found in good numbers on some offshore islands, like the Poor Knights.


This product is also available for purchase instore at Zealandia's gift shop.

All proceeds support Zealandia's 500 year conservation mission.

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