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Manaaki Kamokamo Pickle 200g

Manaaki Kamokamo Pickle 200g

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This award winning Kamokamo Pickle is a combo, with golden turmeric and mustard to top it off.

Kamokamo is a uniquely New Zealand, heritage vegetable, with a green and white speckled skin. This squash has a mild, nutty flavour and is rich in potassium, zinc and fibre. Manaaki pick them from the vine when only just ripe for our bright, golden KamoKamo Pickle. As a tāonga crop, Māori have long been its custodians. Closely related to marrows, courgettes and gourds, it has a mild, nutty flavour and is rich in potassium, zinc and dietary fibre. It’s been a staple in the diet of Māori for generations and hence a must have in the Manaaki preserves whānau.


Give it a try:

  • Great on antipasto platters and cheese boards
  • A yummy addition to roast beef sammies and other meats
  • Partner up with your breakfast bacon and eggs
  • Or try as a side with a curry


Manaakitanga is at the heart of Manaaki's homemade, wholesome condiments. Manaaki is part of Omaka Marae’s vision of transformation and resilience. All iwi from Te Tau Ihu are associated with Omaka Marae and, as a social enterprise, all profits from selling condiments go back to the marae to grow opportunities for the community.


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All proceeds support Zealandia's 500 year conservation mission.

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