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Manaaki Piripiri Plum Chutney 200g

Manaaki Piripiri Plum Chutney 200g

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Piripiri Plum Chutney is bright and tangy with a touch of sweetness and a hint of heat, to add that little bit of sauciness on the side. Made with sun-ripened Black Doris Plums – which give it its gorgeous bright purple colour and the taste of a summer harvest. The plums are locally grown, and picked when ripe (just before the birds discover them). All Manaaki do is remove the stones and simmer with a dash of sugar and their own unique peppery blend to create the sweet, spicy flavour of their Piripiri Plum Chutney.

Manaaki's unique Piripiri is created by Charles Royal at Kinaki. It is a blend of peppery native horopito and kawakawa, with a kick of cayenne and a generous grind of black pepper – to leave a gentle warmth on the palate.


Give it a try:

  • The sharpness goes especially well with game meats like wild pork, venison, duck or turkey.
  • Its jewel-like colour and acidity is perfect with cheeses like Havarti, Brie, Gouda (but you can’t go wrong with a bit of Blue either)
  • Served with a brownie (or blondie), or lightly warmed to drizzle over ice cream – an alternative to berries that’s ready any time of year.


Manaakitanga is at the heart of Manaaki's homemade, wholesome condiments. Manaaki is part of Omaka Marae’s vision of transformation and resilience. All iwi from Te Tau Ihu are associated with Omaka Marae and, as a social enterprise, all profits from selling condiments go back to the marae to grow opportunities for the community.


This product is also available for purchase instore at Zealandia's gift shop.

All proceeds support Zealandia's 500 year conservation mission.

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