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Manawa Mānuka MG 100+ Honey 500g

Manawa Mānuka MG 100+ Honey 500g

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Mānuka Honey is world-famed for its unique properties. It has been the focus of extensive scientific research that tells a compelling story of well-being and healing! Science has shown that methyglyoxal (MG or MGO) is the compound occurring naturally in Mānuka Honey that makes it so special. That’s why we measure the MG in our Mānuka Honey and use this as a rating system. It’s clear, honest and directly based on what Mānuka Honey actually contains.

Manawa's Mānuka MG100+ Honey is a GOLD medal winner in the London Honey Awards and the NZ Outstanding Food Producers in 2021. Judges described it as a ‘beautiful product’ with ‘unique characteristics’ and ‘release of flavours as it melts’.

Mānuka (Leptospermum scoparium) grows as a shrub or small tree up to 6 m tall, in forest edges or areas of reverting pasture. The flowers are small and designed to be pollinated by native bees and flies, but the honey bee also works the Mānuka flower to produce this remarkable honey.

Mānuka is a Māori word and the ancestors knew all about special powers of the Mānuka tree. Breaking down the word 'Mānuka' reveals that it was a ‘device’ (nuka) for making something clean (mā). Thus, different parts of the Mānuka tree were used traditionally for antiseptic purposes. The bark of the Mānuka tree was boiled and the infusion drunk or applied externally to relieve pain. Infusions of the bark, capsules and seed of the Mānuka tree were also applied to burns and wounds, or for treating mouth, throat and eye affliction, and to reduce fever. Mānuka was also used to treat wounds on horses and other domestic animals.

Manawa Honey NZ was founded by the Tūhoe Tuawhenua Trust which holds 9000 hectares of bush-clad lands in the remote Te Urewera region of New Zealand's North Island. The Tūhoe tribe's aim is to sustainably manage the land and resources of their region for the benefit of current and future generations. Manawa Honey NZ is part of a programme of developing enterprises that create jobs for the Tūhoe people.


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