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Mānuka Blended Tea

Mānuka Blended Tea

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Manuka is most well-known for its honey made from the nectar of the flower, however, the leaf was traditionally used as a tea replacement by early settlers in New Zealand. This blend balances the pure taste of Manuka Leaf with hints of Spearmint and Lemon Juice that lend citrus minty tones to this unique NZ herb.


Contains 15 pyramid tea bags.


Ingredients: Manuka Leaf* (67%), Spearmint+, Lemon Juice Powder
+Organic or *Wildharvested
Contains 100% herbs, no added flavours, sugar or sweeteners


ŌKU’s unique formulas were primarily developed by Scott Smith who is a Medical Herbalist and Naturopath, together with his wife Helen Paul-Smith of Tapuika & Ngai Te Rangi descent. At ŌKU they are conscious of Maori Tikanga, ‘doing things the right way’, and this helps guide their decision-making processes. They promote the growing and sustainability of NZ native plants and as they continue to grow are committed to contributing to land restoration and planting projects of the native flora and fauna. 


FSC Certified fully recyclable/re-useable tube packaging and NeoSoilon® Pyramid Tea bags that are made from 100% non-GMO sugarcane.

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