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Tuatara Soft Toy with Sound

Tuatara Soft Toy with Sound

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Tuatara are the only living members left of the Rhynchocophalian order, all other members became extinct around 65 millions years ago so these survivors are also referred to by scientists as "living fossils". One of the first species to suffer due to the arrival of mammals, they were once abundant in the main islands. Being preyed on and the competition for food (especially rats) made them close to extiction on main islands by the time Europearns arrived in the 1800s. Zealandia was the first site to establish a wild population of tuatara on the mainland in the effort to restore the species.


By purchasing this tuatara plush toy, you are helping Zealandia look after these treasured taonga. All proceeds from the shop help Zealandia acheive our 500 year conservation mission.

This tuatara soft toy is also available for purchase instore at Zealandia's Gift Shop.

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