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Old Blue: The Rarest Bird in the World

Old Blue: The Rarest Bird in the World

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At one time, not so very long ago, there remained only five black robins in the entire world. The story of Old Blue is a remarkable account of survival and conservation that never fails to inspire. This is a new edition of the very moving story, beautifully written and illustrated by Mary Taylor. It is the story of how the black robin, the rarest bird in the world, was saved from extinction through the work of Dr Don Merton, an officer in the NZ Department of Conservation. The number of robins dwindled over the years when their habitat on the Chatham Islands changed with the arrival of people. It came down to a population of just five black robins on Little Mangare Island. Due to the work of Don Merton and his colleagues, the number in 2012 has now grown to a total of 256 on Mangare and Rangatira Islands, two small islands in the Chatham Island group.

“If the rarest bird in the world can be rescued, then given human determination and effort, no species need become extinct.” Dr. Dan Merton

Pages: 32
Dimensions: 235x300x5
ISBN: 9781775432371

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