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Wooden Tunnel With Rat & Mouse Traps

Wooden Tunnel With Rat & Mouse Traps

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Rats are omnivorous, opportunistic feeders. They eat a variety of native flora and fauna, including bird eggs and fledglings, invertebrates, lizards and frogs. Rats compete with native species for the same food sources and in some cases for nests and burrows.

Traps for small mammals are more effective when they are inside a tunnel. The pest animal enters the tunnel through a small entrance at one end and crosses a trigger plate to reach the bait. Their weight on the trigger plate releases the spring-loaded trap which kills them. The traps need to be cleared and reset each time they capture a pest.

These Wooden Tunnels are made by the Kapiti chapter of the community group, MenzShed. They have a 265mm gap between entry hole and internal baffle, with smaller entry holes to avoid trapping larger non target animals. If domestic cats are present, you can add a small tunnel or small block of wood inside the entrance so a cat can’t reach the trap with its paws. Each tunnel contains two Victor Power-Kill traps; one rat-sized and one mouse-sized.

Trapping tips:

Rats like to run near walls, plants and fences rather than through open spaces. They also like areas that have food sources, like compost or fruit trees so place your tunnel accordingly.

Place fresh bait (peanut butter is best!) on the elevated cradle which sits higher than the trigger plate to be at eye level for the rats.


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All proceeds support Zealandia's 500 year conservation mission.

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