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Zealandia Six Barrel Soda Syrup - Kiwifruit & Kawakawa

Zealandia Six Barrel Soda Syrup - Kiwifruit & Kawakawa

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We’ve partnered with Six Barrel Soda to craft this syrup with a zesty mix of kiwifruit and kawakawa - a nod to the kiwi that roam the sanctuary and the plants that grow here at Zealandia Te Māra a Tāne.

Six Barrel Soda have been shaking up the soda game with experimental batches and flavours that pop since 2012. They are a small team of soda lovers who make wonderful drinks worth savouring from mostly organic ingredients, less sugar and no plastic.

This delicious syrup is best served with soda water over ice, or even with boiling water as a winter warmer.


This item is also available for purchase instore at Zealandia's Gift Store.

Each purchase of this soda syrup supports Zealandia and their conservation mission to help the birds, plants and critters of Aotearoa thrive in Wellington and beyond.

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