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Zealandia: The Valley That Changed A Nation

Zealandia: The Valley That Changed A Nation

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In 1990 Jim Lynch came up with the revolutionary idea of “urban conservation” expressed in a radical plan to “Bring the Birds back to Wellington”. Two years later he came up with the even more daring concept of “community conservation”. His visionary 1992 proposal for the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary (now Zealandia) imagined a predator-fenced, community driven eco-sanctuary, populated with endangered species and located just 2 km from the Wellington CBD. 

30 years later, due to the combined efforts of thousands of dedicated people, both initiatives are resounding successes. Natural Wellington and Zealandia have transformed Wellington from a biological cot-case into an international showcase of urban conservation and, inspired by Jim’s vision and Zealandia, community conservation took off around the nation to become the most dynamic area of growth in NZ conservation in recent times.

This book is the story of how one man’s dream became a reality and changed a city and a nation. It is an uplifting account of an unlikely journey; of daring innovation, of the grit and determination of an ever expanding community that seized the dream and pursued it against the odds to build a jewel that will be treasured by generations yet to be born. It is a celebration of the people who made it all happen.


Pages: 240

Dimensions: 265x205mm

ISBN: 9780473490119


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All proceeds go towards Zealandia's conservation mission.

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